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SqBx Tracking optimizes your internal tracking processes. Offering more flexibility, reporting, and customization than any other tracking provider.


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Just Imagine: No Installations. No Licensing Delays. No Hassle.

Unlimited users and workstations mean just that. Establish your chain of custody with SqBx, and enjoy un-paralleled support beyond a fully-customizable platform. Retain brand identity while not sacrificing functionality by displaying your banner and logo throughout SqBx; create job functions to limit various operator processes, as well as, add and maintain recipients using A.P.I. to ensure file changes are fluid and automatic.

Powerful Route Management Puts You Everywhere in the Field.

Establish an unlimited number of users and workstations/locations. Schedule events and messages to automate processes and save time. Finally, establish charges by weight, delivery times for locations, and add alerts to expected packages.
Search-as-you-type throughout SqBx enables customers to create their own communication rules and scheduled events that occur automatically behind the scenes, streamlining operations and improving service levels.

Scan. Sign. Deliver, Every Time.

Ditch the paper trail and streamline the chain of custody process. With SecureWave signature capture, not only gain visibility over your production, but security to boot.

SqBx has made our processing a breeze. We receive over 500 packages a day that need to be processed and delivered the same day. With SqBx, we have eliminated the paper trail; filling the signature copy has help cut down on paper by about 70%, which is a significant cost savings as well. The tracking system and website are very user friendly plus their customer service is excellent. They are very responsive and very professional.

Ralph Maytorena Distribution/Logistics Manager SJHMC



Chain of custody got you down?

Let SqBx Tracking pick you back up.