Proof of Delivery and Tracking Solutions


For all of your chain of custody and tracking needs, use SqBx Tracking! We can help you improve efficiency of incoming packages, internal mail tracking, outgoing shipping, asset tracking, purchase order tracking and much much more. Whatever you need to track, SqBx Tracking has your back.

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SqBx can help you work smart

Process Improvement

Streamline Operations

Our customers cite saving an average of 2 hours per employee per day in addition to package handling and touch point reduction of 40%.

Staff Optimization

User Level & Delta Reporting

Easily and quickly locate employee activity logs for any time period. Delta reporting for delivery routes gives you better visibility and control of service levels.

Loss Mitigation

Better Tracking = Less Loss

All organizations experience lost and misplaced items. Many factors contribute to loss; don’t let inadequate tracking and chain of custody be one of them.


HIPAA Breach

Two of the largest HIPAA fines to date were a direct result of procedural failures in mail room & shipping and receiving.

Protect your network with a concrete chain of custody.

Customer Service

Internal customers can find the status of their items and certain tracking numbers and priority shipments can be flagged so an automatic email goes out to the recipient.